Janitor is currently in v0.7.9.

Janitor is an open source PHP developer toolkit, with a unique focus on frontend development. It has been designed from ground up to facilitate the frontend development process. Implementing the unique combination of the Templator markup model, the Detector segments and a very user friendly Manipulator enhanced backend interface, Janitor is ready to distribute content to any HTML capable browser.

A simple Items based data model for custom content. Image, video and audio conversion and scaling. Users and roles. A bunch of default content models to get started. Auto inheritance and ease of customization. Janitor is a powerful and simple full range developer toolkit.

Janitor is NOT a CMS. It is designed to build optimized custom CMS' or administration systems for custom needs.

Why is Janitor here

As a frontend programmer, I have always had a hard time with backend systems. They tend to enforce their arrogant lack of understanding HTML, CSS and JavaScript on the frontend development. In my opinion it is an epic failure that these monsters get to dictate the frontend output, when it should be the other way around. I mean, what is more important in the end: The website or the backend?

I needed a system that was designed to work to my advantage. That is why I decided to build Janitor.


Janitor is public on GitHub.

We are currently in the process of updating the documentation. Until it is finished, we apologize the incomplete online documentation. Check the Milestones for more information.