Version 0.7.9 – current development

Version 0.7.9 includes a "third draft" shop implementation, as well as improved handling of forms and mediae.

The most important updates are:

  • Improved form handling: updated validation rules and improved upload capabilities
  • Extended media functionality
  • New orders can now only be created by checking out a cart
  • Callback functions for addedToCart, ordered, subscribed, and shipped are now an part of the purchase flow for an item. The callbacks can be customized on a per-itemtype basis.
  • Member and SuperMember are now stand-alone classes separate from the User and SuperUser classes.
  • Subscription and SuperSubscription are now stand-alone classes separate from the Shop and SuperShop classes.
  • And lot's of bug-fixes and minor enhancements.

Version 0.7.8

Version 0.7.8 included a full "second draft" shop implementation.

Version 0.7.7

The most important updates were:

  • Video auto conversion now supports output in mp4, webm, ogv, 3gp and mov.
  • Person model added to core itemtypes.
  • New Setup and Upgrade UI.
  • Shop model, 1st draft.
  • Membership model, 1st draft.
  • Subscription model, 1st draft.
  • Cache UI.
  • Global "duplicate item" function.
  • Stripe integration.
  • Added AutoComplete setting for inputs via Model.
  • Runs on MAMP.
  • And lot's of bug-fixes and minor enhancements.

Version 0.7.6

The most important updates were:

  • Added token login
  • Reworked FileSystem functionality for improved edge-case handling
  • Added Zipper.class for easier creation of zip-files
  • Added headerIncludes function to add header CSS and JS includes from content templates
  • Navigation nodes now allow for specifying controller path for page Itemtype (per node)
  • Updated to Detector-v3
  • Non-privleged user creation (members), via plain signup or newsletter signup. Includes activation email and confirmation process.

    NOTE: controllers are not included in Janitor, but will be exemplified in the Janitor demo shortly.
  • User profile module.
  • Simple automated version control on all main item data updates. This is considered a data protection enhancement - Revisions are still only availble via DB access. Revision interface could be included in v0.9.
  • Global item comments added. Now any item can have comments added.
  • Added IC::getRelatedItems which finds best matching items based on tags and itemtype.
  • Added Readstates - the ability to store "read"-state for users on any item.
  • Updated TODOs with assigned_to value. Also added JML-listUserTodos for creating dashboard on frontpage.
  • Added Questions and Answers global item. Also added JML-listOpenQuestions for creating dashboard on frontpage.

Version 0.7.5

Version 0.7.5 finalized a long awaited major core class update and a full webbased setup module.

The most important updates were:

  • Setup interface for existing projects
  • Setup interface for new projects
  • Reorganized core class naming and inclusion model
  • Updated folder structure
  • Simplified backend template HTML with general Janitor HTML support class

Version 0.7

Version 0.7 added Windows support to Janitor and an all rewritten security model.

The most important updates were:

  • Added Windows support
  • Updated security model with csrf token
  • Updated Apache conf layout
  • Introduced default guest user for all visitors
  • Simplified controller layout